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Over two decades of experience in construction management and design

 Project Management

Professional management of construction projects is the basis of the successful implementation of any project. We offer our clients the management of industrial and civil projects, ensuring effective cooperation with architects, all the structure of related organizations, state and municipal authorities, as well as other parties interested in the development of the project.

Management of construction projects includes: resolution of organizational issues, supervision and consultation during construction and after the project implementation period (transmission of the building in exploitation, and monitoring during the design and warranty period).

At completion of all construction works, our company together with a construction company produces the transfer of the construction facility to the exploitation.
Taking care of the quality of the project and representing the interests of the client, our experts are preparing feasibility studies necessary for project realization:
 work out the documents required for construction start;
 keep records of the organization of the project during construction;
 control the organization of work on a construction site;
 conduct supervision of the projects' implementation (project cost, construction schedule, adherence to the quality and safety standards);
 consult on the current issues arising in the course of construction.


“Celtniecības Kvalitātes Aģentūra (CKA)” Ltd. specializes in the design of industrial, civil and infrastructural facilities, as well as hydraulic structures. Leading specialists of our company have more than 10 years of experience in designing. While developing a project, the most advanced software is used that allows creating objects in different systems and formats of computer-aided design.

The main stages of the design object:
 Pre-feasibility study;
 In the case of reconstruction, site survey and evaluation of the technical condition;
 Development of the conceptual design;
 Development of the engineering design and details of the working design;
 Preparation of projects for complex support structures, technological devices and workers’ organization;
 Field supervision and monitoring;
 Consulting.

We co-operate with architects and engineers at all stages of design. Our specialists succeed in solving complex problems reliying on mutlidisciplinary co-operation in finding new technical and design solutions. 

Field Supervision and Technical Inspection

Field supervision and technical inspection are among the most important processes in the implementation of construction projects. Representing the interests of the clients, the employees of our company ensure that each project were chosen the best solutions to meet all customer’s requirements, safety standards and legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

We verify all the necessary documents for the construction of the facility, as well as monitors the performance of construction work, namely the order of the work performed, the compliance of the materials and tools to the customer requirements, the compliance of project’s specifications and quality standards for the work accomplished in accordance with the approved schedule and cost estimates. Each change in the designing terms and structure of the object is recorded and evaluated by our experts, and is reported to the customer immediately. We offer our clients effective design solutions, thereby optimizing the design cost and construction time.

“Celtniecības Kvalitātes Aģentūra (CKA)” Ltd. monitors the amount of the work performed and its’ technical condition. Upon completion of the construction of the facility, we coordinate all the necessary documents with the construction company, including a verifying the work performed correspondence to the project – hanging-over protocol.

Independent Expertise Services

“Celtniecības Kvalitātes Aģentūra (CKA)” Ltd. offers the services of experts on various aspects of the planning, management and implementation of the project at all stages of its development. The company provides technical and legal consultations on the following issues:
 documents required for the construction, evaluation of the cooperation agreement, as well as consideration of other documents;
 consultation on legislation of the construction industry and security issues;
 construction (project) cost estimating, recommendations at costs reduce and on reasonable use of client resources;
 evaluation of substantiation of solutions made during construction;
 holding of tender contests;
 accomplishment of the project technical expertise and the expertise of the construction (during construction and after the introduction of the facility into operation. 

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